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Project Memories was created to help provide families in need in Central Ohio with memories that will last a life time by providing them with Back to School Supplies, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas dinner and new, customized, wrapped gifts for the children.

It started 10 years ago, helping only a handful of families and now has evolved into a multi county organization. Last year we helped a total of 93 families with meals and gifts. This meant 325 kids got to open presents last Christmas and over 1,750 total gifts were wrapped and donated.

This year we are on track to help 200 FAMILIES!!!! 

For Back to School: We will help provide children with needed school supplies for their age/class! It will be roughly $150 per family.

For Thanksgiving: We will provide freshly cooked Thanksgiving dinners for families in need. It will be roughly $70 per family.

For Christmas: It takes roughly $300 to help one family. The meal we provide is freshly cooked and all the gifts we get for the children are customized for each child, including clothes, toys, and any specific need that child has. 

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated! 

Project Memories is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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Moms who run $10.00
Country Runners $10.00
Pam Judy $5.00
NoName $5.00
Demmink $5.00
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